Other people’s drama

May 10, 2007 at 2:23 am Leave a comment

The closest I get to real life drama these days, in my oatmeal-flavoured life is being on the edge of other people’s.

The day after Rob’s birthday I was generally hanging around his place with a few other people who were leaving to get trains and buses back to the places where they live (we’re distributed over a fairly large chunk of the country). Eventually it was just me, Rob, Rob’s girlfriend and Julie there. Rob was upstairs, while Rob’s girlfriend, Julie and me were in the lounge. Julie was chatting to Rob’s girlfriend about her sister, who she doesn’t get on well with. I wasn’t paying much attention, having heard about this all too many times before.

Rob came downstairs and Julie asked him what he and his girlfriend were planning for that evening. Rob replied “not much”. Julie then left, looking rather depressed. We assumed she was just down about the situation with her sister.

Yesterday Rob called. Julie hadn’t responded to his text message asking if she was OK. When he called her, she told him that she’d asked Rob’s girlfriend what they were doing on Sunday evening and she had replied that they were going to go out for dinner, then go out and look at flats. Julie had apparently been planning to ask them if they wanted to go to the cinema or something. When Rob came downstairs and unknowingly denied this, Julie says she thought Rob’s girlfriend looked away and seemed embarrassed. In reality they had no plans to go out on Sunday, but were intended to do these things on the bank holiday Monday. The reason Julie left looking so down was because she felt she’d just been lied to. Rob’s been friends with Julie for years, so he asked his girlfriend about this. Now she thinks Julie’s trying to stir up trouble between them or something.

Personally, I have no recollection of the conversation. I was aware that Rob and his girlfriend were going out on the Monday, so if Rob’s girlfriend had said something ambiguous, I’d have interpreted it in line with my previous knowledge, whereas Julie might have misinterpreted it.

Today I got a text message from Julie starting “Cheers makes me feel like I’m loosing my mind.” I assumed that Rob had told her about asking me, so I sent back a detailed explanation about my (lack of) recollection of events and suggesting that it was all just a big honest mistake with no blame attached to anyone. Thinking about it now, I’m not sure if she actually meant to send that to Rob, in which case I may have made the situation worse through my reply.

Julie’s been known to get the wrong end of the stick before, and has a tendency to see malice in the most innocuous of things, so I’m fairly sure it’s her going slightly crazy. We have a somewhat ambiguous friendship since we broke up. That’s ambiguous in the sense of wavering between not wanting to be in the same room with each other and being friends. She hasn’t had a relationship or apparently anything more casual since we broke up about eighteen months ago. For a while, she would make some quite nasty comments to me at random for no apparent reason.

Near the end of last year, when she, her sister, Rob and me were out together, she over-reacted to a minor joke and got randomly angry at everyone. I was moderately drunk at the time and walked away, deeply annoyed at the whole thing. I’d just crashed my bike (which I’d owned for a whole two weeks), had broken up with Rebecca and simply didn’t have the patience to deal with her. Up until that point I’d been enjoying myself.

But that was then. These days the drama is pretty much other people’s.


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