Sleep Specialist and More

June 7, 2007 at 1:34 pm 1 comment

I went to my appointment with the sleep specialist today, taking along my sleep diary. Strangely, the appointment had been cancelled for no reason that I or the receptionist could work out. She stared at her computer screen in bafflement, while I sat in the waiting room, silently cursing the NHS and everything about it. Fortunately the sleep specialist turned out to have had a cancellation today, so I still got to see her. The cancellation of the appointment remains mysterious.

The sleep specialist went through my sleep diary and did some quick calculations to work out the average length of time that I sleep. Then she asked me what time I wanted to wake up. I eventually said 10am (it’s a reasonable time and I can always modify it later to fit in with work). This means that since my average amount of sleep is 6 hours, my new bedtime is 4am.

So, let me just clarify this for those who haven’t been paying attention: The whole treatment for my problem of not being able to go to sleep and wake up at specific times is to go to sleep and wake up at specific times.

So, tell me doctor, how many years of medical training did you have to go through to come up with this one?

Still, I’ll give it my best shot. The doctor says I should be at my most sleep deprived in 6 weeks and she’ll see me again then for moral support. (The receptionist very carefully noted down the appointment). I’ve been warned off alcohol completely for the duration, which was expected. The next step if this doesn’t work (which she claims it does for 90% of people) is to go to the sleep lab.

Useful things done today: Called the council to talk about my huge council tax debts and ask them to not send the bailiffs round (not that I have anything to take, but still…). Called my GP to set up an appointment for next week. Called the random community psychiatric nurse who made an appointment to find out what the appointment’s actually about.


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  • 1. patientanonymous  |  June 10, 2007 at 7:12 am

    Well, at least you did some stuff after that appointment! I would have been tempted to just sit and do nothing!

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