Cancelling dissatisfaction and stress with the society where the woman becomes strong you obtain remuneration!!

June 12, 2007 at 3:38 pm Leave a comment

I just received some Japanese dating spam. At least I think it’s dating spam – it’s hard to tell. Normally I’d just delete, but there’s something compelling about this automatic translation:

This year large attentionThe [tsu] [te] knowing, it increases??            \ _ (? _?)?? ???????????? Now [deruboi] is hot, it is!! The word [tsu] [chi] [ya] uninformed they are woman version like ones of [deriheru] simply. Cancelling dissatisfaction and stress with the society where the woman becomes strong you obtain remuneration!! The just woman who seeks the man who circumstances well can play. They are such a ones of your current times… Woman [wakeari] which grows tired of play of the rich world vis-a-vis the madam romantic love which felt dissatisfaction in the woman husband the girl it is not accustomed to opening pulling [tsu] included thought vis-a-vis the human wife and sex requests healing, it is. If you insert [deleted url] & of nickname DB lastly, you it is introduced to the woman member who seeks [deruboi].

I don’t know what a “deruboi” is. However, some quick and inaccurate research suggests it’s a Japanese pronunciation of the name Delboy. Is Only Fools and Horses big in Japan?


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