Things What I Have Learned So Far Today

June 12, 2007 at 2:45 pm Leave a comment

1. Microwave ovens have a ridiculously large range of prices, but seemingly little difference in actual functionality. They’re all pretty much just boxes with revolving plates that spew out microwave radiation and (hopefully) contain it. Higher prices seem to mean more confusing controls and an aesthetic that fits a more expensive kitchen.

2. Trying to carry a microwave oven two miles back to your flat when you’ve spent the last six months sitting on your sofa and doing little else is both painful and exhausting. My hands are shaking and I only made it half-way before I gave up and got the bus. Reminds me of doing the cross country at school when I was 13.

Is it just me, or is the cross country the most sadistic of tortures to inflict on young, fat kids? You can do your best, end up vomiting into the bushes from sheer exertion, limbs aching, lungs burning and still come last. I managed to weasel out of it for the final few years. “Yeah, I’m ill. Give me that stopwatch and I’ll time those fast buggers.”

Then again, there was that one time that a number of the girls at my school wanted to do the cross-country again because their timings were messed up due to the course having been laid out confusingly (so half went the proper route and half went a longer route). They only had their gym uniforms (which were white) rather than the outdoor uniforms they’d been wearing on the actual day. The boys were asked to stand around the course as markers. As soon as they were they around the first bend the heavens opened and unleashed a torrential rain. White uniforms suddenly became utterly transparent. It was like having x-ray vision (the kind that sees through clothing, not the kind that sees kidneys and causes cancer). At the time I felt uncomfortable about taking a puerile interest in this turn of events, though not so uncomfortable that I closed my eyes. I don’t recall any of the boys making any comments at all about it. I think we were all far too shocked to be gleeful.

3. I composed the second paragraph in my head on the way back from the shop. The phrase “you’ve spent the last six months sitting on your sofa”, is a substitute for “you’ve spent the last six months essentially stationary”, because I couldn’t remember whether the word I wanted to use was “stationery” or stationary”. I now know why the two words differ: World Wide Words: Stationary versus stationery – an interesting little piece of word geekery.


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