June 25, 2007 at 1:51 am 3 comments

So, I was just sitting around about 15 minutes ago when I heard some noises outside, which sounded like someone climbing about on the scaffolding the builders have put up. I looked outside and couldn’t see much. Then a minute or two later, there were more noises. I started feeling kind of worried so wandered over to my kitchen area and picked up the biggest knife I could find. No sooner had I returned to the sofa when someone put their head through the curtains.

They were lucky not to get stabbed, which would have been unfortunate for them, since there’s a big drop from the scaffolding outside my window.

“Don’t panic mate,” said the man at my window.

I wasn’t panicking. I was wondering who the fuck this was and what they wanted. He told me he was “Ted Brown” and had locked himself outof another of the flats in the building. Strangely, I’ve never seen him around here. In any case, anyone who climbs around on wet scaffolding that doesn’t even go around to their flat is asking to become a part of the Darwin awards.

“You’ve got to believe me,” he said. Well, actually, no I didn’t.

I closed my windows. I decided that I had a duty to call the police in this kind of situation, so I did. A couple of bobbies turned up about 20 minutes later (which was a fairly good response time for a non-emergency call), asked me what had happened, had a look round and went off.

Now that, I think you’ll agree, was weird. And I’m supposed to be sane in a world like this?


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sleep / genius / templar The vague sense of creepiness that steals your sanity at 3AM.

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  • 1. feartheseeds  |  June 25, 2007 at 12:27 pm

    I had something similar happen last Spring when two Random Dudes came to my door under the pretense of converting me to a new Natural Gas supplier. Nothing about it felt right and their ID Badges looked like something they put together with paste, but I just told them to fuck off and forgot about it… You did the right thing by getting the Fuzz involved. I think some level of violence would have been warranted.

    Not to worry you unnecessarily but Mr. Random Dude got a good view of your apartment… keep the description you gave the Bobbies handy for awhile. On your choice of available weaponry… I’m sure this is your first almost-home invasion, but having a cricket bat or a decently weighted carpenters hammer lying around might not be a bad idea if you’re going to continue leaving your window open to the world.

    I noticed you still have Puddle’s now-deleted site in your blogroll… she has moved on, twice. In case you want to catch up she’s Jumping here:
    and sometimes here:

    Good luck in there.

  • 2. katm  |  June 25, 2007 at 12:29 pm

    That would have seriously freaked me out.

    No. You didn’t have to believe the guy. And you did the right thing by calling the police.


  • 3. experimental chimp  |  June 25, 2007 at 6:56 pm

    fts: Yeah, I’ll be keeping my eye out for anything suspicious. I don’t have much stuff that’s easily carted away. I don’t even own a TV. Trying to climb in through the window while hanging precariously from scaffolding sounds like a losing option to me, especially given that a good push could send him hurtling to his multiple-fractured doom. Hopefully the scaffolding won’t be up for much longer anyway.

    katm: I was quite freaked out. Though there was a tiny bit of my mind which was enjoying the horror-movie irony of a face appearing outside my window.

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