I now have a door phone and other exciting stories

July 4, 2007 at 2:12 am Leave a comment

The builders came today to fit my new door phone. It doesn’t work yet since there’s no unit on the main doors for it to plug into. I’m glad to get it out the way, though. My very tidy flat is still very tidy and I spent ten minutes sorting through my clothes so I could do some proper laundry for once rather than picking up the clothes I can see from the floor and sticking them in the washing machine.

The more wholesome environment has failed to perk me up. It just seems empty and uninviting. Alas, the builders didn’t come into my flat properly or they’d have seen my decorations. These are pretty much limited to a wooden model of a velociraptor skeleton and a real goat skull. (The goat skull isn’t actually from any weird gothic phase. I found it on Dartmoor, when I was on holiday with my parents as a child. Naturally, being a kid, my first reaction was “Cooool!” It’s hung around ever since. At one point I threaded some wire through it so I could hang it on the wall. It did look a bit Satanic then.

One of the builders did try to engage me in conversation. I often find it quite hard to judge how normal I sound. I think I ended up looking a bit weird, but not dangerously so. While they were drilling holes and such, I was trying to work out how to accurately calculate the first hundred digits of a square root. (For Project Euler, where I am now listed as more than 50% genius.)

That was, to be honest, pretty much my day. Woke up at 12, so I might actually be able to get to sleep at 4am. Who knows.


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Lack of door phone Criminalising Sex

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