Dull notes

July 21, 2007 at 12:13 am Leave a comment

This is going to be a bit disjointed.

The builders have finally taken down the scaffolding. I thought they were doing this as I went to sleep this morning. Later, when I got up, I pulled back my curtains, noticed the driving rain and half-an-hour later thought “Holy fuck! The scaffolding’s really gone!”

Unfortunately, the main action has transferred to the hallway outside my door. They’re taking down the stairs. I don’t know why they have to do this in order to put another staircase up. They’ve spent the last year putting another floor of flats onto the building and this (along with the other staircase they’ve already put in) will enable people to actually get to the new flats. Presumably there’s some sound construction-engineering reason to take the other staircases out first, but given that we were told the job would be done in three months, I have my doubts.

What this amounts to is men with sledgehammers beating the hell out of the stairs just a little way down the hall. Then men with drills attack whatever remnants of concrete remain. I don’t get on with noise, but I think I preferred it when they were mixing cement outside.

The irony of this is that my body doesn’t give a fuck what kind of noise is going on when it decides to sleep, so I slept through hours of incredibly loud construction work. Sleep hygeine be damned. If I can sleep through that is it any wonder that alarm clocks are so very ineffective?

In a burst of energy this morning I actually managed to get important things done. My claim for incapacity benefit and income support is in the post, as is a copy of my most recent sick note for my new manager at work and various copies of sick-notes on their way to my loan insurance people. Then I called my doctor to make an appointment for next week and, because I’ve lost the appointment card for my next CPN appointment, I called him to find out when exactly it is.


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