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September 26, 2007 at 2:05 pm 2 comments

I’ve implemented a couple of things designed to make my life better. First of all, I need some kind of routine in my life. It’s abundantly obvious that attempting to tie any kind of routine to the 24 hour clock is going to fail, so I’m going to do it around own subjective clock. So, I’m now setting my watch to seven AM when I wake up, which should help me keep track of my day. The time’s currently 2:12pm (objective) / 8:30am (subjective).

The second thing, I’m calling One Thing. This is supposed to help me get from here (living like hell) to there (maintaining the basics). My flat’s a mess, my diet sucks, I’m always behind on paperwork and the most exercise I get is going down the shop to buy cigarettes. I want to be in a flat that’s not a mess, eat decently, keep up with paperwork and get more exercise. I think these are acheivable goals.

Before I can keep my flat tidy, I have to have a tidy flat. Before I can eat decently, I have to have a sink that’s not full of dishes and a refrigerator that’s not empty. To keep up with paperwork, I have to clear the backlog of paperwork that’s built up. To do exercise I need a floor that’s not covered in clothes and some idea of what to do.

So One Thing is the strategy that I’m hoping will get me to that point. It’s a fairly simple strategy, hardly even deserving of the name. I’ve written the various things I need to do down in a file (set up so that there’s one thing showing at the top and enough blank lines to keep everything else out of sight). Each day, if I can, I’m going to do the thing at the top of the file. If I feel like doing more, then fine, but I only need to do one thing and it’ll all get done eventually (and with minimal effort).

Today the thing at the top of the file is “Photocopy my latest sick note at the library and put my latest income support cheque into the bank.” I’ll be going out in a moment to do exactly that.

I also received a copy of the letter the CPN I saw at my recent assessment has sent out. The interesting bits are details of the sleep referral (I have the name of the doctor I’ll be referred to if the PCT agree to this), and the plan, which I’ll paraphrase below:

  1. I’m still referred to the therapy clinical trial.
  2. I’m still referred for therapy in the normal way.
  3. I’m still referred to the sleep centre.
  4. I’ve been referred for an “out patient appointment in the sector team”, meaning that I’ve been referred to a psychiatrist.
  5. I’ve not been offerred further CPN appointments.
  6. All of which is fine and as expected.


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  • 1. Cinthia  |  September 26, 2007 at 7:21 pm

    Good for you! These strategies should help a lot, at least with the being able to do daily life stuff. I keep a regimented, structured lifestyle and that is the only thing that keeps me functioning. My emotions/feelings are unpredictable, but at least my routine is there to fall back on when things get too chaotic. As for the One Thing strategy, it reminds me of the lists I make. If it weren’t for lists, my place would be a pigsty and I would smell like manure (from not showering). Again, good job, that’s a step forward.

  • 2. patientanonymous  |  September 28, 2007 at 4:15 pm

    I am a huge list maker. It helps to keep me organized. If I don’t do it, I get scattered and do not functional very well. and like I said in my prior comment, just take it slow and not try to tackle everything at once. You are right in this respect. If you do, you may get very frustrated, exhausted and start dropping down again.

    Good, good, good.

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