That was the week, was that?

October 21, 2007 at 4:04 am Leave a comment

I just sent through my order for next week’s food. This week has been a complete success in terms of the new food thing. The actual amount of work has been minimal (and will decrease as I get used to doing this kind of stuff). Last night I made chili. It was awesome. And today I’ll be having what’s left of it on a jacket potato for dinner. For lunch in an hour, I’ll be eating some of the avocado salad I made yesterday.

The only reason I’ve been able to do all this is because I’ve made it as easy as possible and then some. I know how to cook this stuff because it’s written down. And the things I’ve made have been easy, aside from some chopping up of stuff. I’ve kept on top of the washing-up, so I don’t have to rush around finding a clean plate or dish. And because it’s all microwaved, it’s fast and there’s no waiting around for the oven to warm up, and no baked-on food to clean off dishes or whatever.

The most difficult bit was the first day’s kind-of-roast chicken, which necessitated some swift changing around of bowls.

I’ve kind of cheated on the no fizzy soft-drinks thing. I’ve had three or four cans of carbonated sugar beverage. But – and this is the important part – I’ve been treating them as food. So they make up part of breakfast or lunch, rather than being something I turn to when thirsty. And over the week they total less than I’d get through in a week before.

The broadband is active and rocks (I also bought some memory for my computer so it doesn’t choke and die so often). It’s good to have a TV to watch again, though the quality of programming doesn’t seem to have increased since I was last watching it a couple of years back.

In general everything’s going swimmingly. Aside from my sleep patterns, which are even weirder than usual at the moment.


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