The weekend has ended

November 4, 2007 at 10:28 am Leave a comment

My neck hurts and I have only myself to blame. This would be a mild whiplash-type injury from dancing insanely on Friday night. Having long hair pretty much obligates you to do the awesome-looking headbanging style of rocking out and it was this, I’m sure, that has ripped all sorts of important muscles in my neck. Still, it’ll go away in a day or two.

Friday night was spent consuming a large quantity of alcohol, the best of which was probably the glass of Belle Vue Kreik I had fairly early in the evening. I like kreik lambics, but this one was the mass-produced spawn of InBev and was far too sweet. Nice, but a long way from great.

There was a rock club afterwards, and my memory becomes slightly patchy. Not blanked-out, but fuzzy round the edges. I’d gone out with a shirt on and without a jacket, meaning that my scars were visible. But this doesn’t seem to bother me at all at the moment. I also ended up chatting to some girl in the outdoor smoking area, which was nice. Her boyfriend was stood next to her, which may have been a tactical error on my part.

Approaching strangers in night clubs is not something I tend to do very often. The last (possibly only) time I did so, I don’t actually remember. I know I did, because of the stories that filtered through to me in the days after. This was at a work thing with a free bar and several hours of complete blankness. So, on Friday night I was talking to people and can actually remember doing so, which is nice, even if it didn’t get me anywhere close to laid.

So, no vomiting and no blackouts. This probably qualifies as sensible drinking for me.

Saturday was spent mostly hung-over. When I got in, I found that some clothes had been delivered. One of two pairs of jeans I’m getting and a black harrington jacket. The jacket looks good on me, which is nice, particularly since the jacket I’ve been wearing for the last three years or so has now started to fall apart. The pockets were ripped to hell.

Today I need to find my appointment card for my monthly, pointless, work-focused interview at the jobcentre. I know it’s tomorrow, but I have no idea what time it’s meant to be at. I should also do some washing up and a bit of tidying.


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