Another weekend

December 17, 2007 at 2:45 am Leave a comment

I spent the weekend celebrating a friend’s birthday. Since my friends from university are ridiculously spread out, this involved heading to another city. It also involved quite a lot of alcohol, though much to my annoyance, not enough to get me more than very slightly drunk. The scary thing is:

a) I don’t drink very often, so I really shouldn’t have much of a tolerance.
b) I was consuming the same amount of alcohol as my friends.
c) They all seemed much more drunk than I was.

The group also included a couple of people who I don’t know that well. Actually, I need to clarify slightly. The birthday was for a girl we’ll call Susan. The people I’m claiming not to know very well are her friend Charlotte and her boyfriend. I have, in fact, met both of them before. First time I met Charlotte was at Susan’s birthday a few years ago, back when I was at university and we ended up spending the majority of the night kissing in the club we ended up in. A couple of years later, in one of those weird coincidences that nobody would believe if this were fiction, Charlotte randomly turned up, living about fifty yards down the road from my flat.

I’m reasonably sure that she and I would have ended up having sex at one point, but things were a bit complicated. I was in my last hypomanic phase and she was living with her ex-boyfriend. She, me, and Rob (a good friend of mine) ended up falling asleep (fully clothed) on her bed a couple of times. The one real chance I had was ruined by Rob, who was in full post-breakup mental collapse – not helped by my hypomanic assholery (“What the fuck is wrong with you? Life fucking rocks!”). Shortly after, I got back together with Rebecca, so I stopped pursuing things with her. Charlotte moved out of her ex-boyfriend’s flat and into a flat paid for by her new, much richer boyfriend and I lost touch with her.

So, in as much as someone who I’ve shared a bed with can be said to be someone I don’t know very well, Charlotte is someone I don’t know that well. I’ve only met her boyfriend once before, though.

Anyway, the point I was leading up to is that although there were people there who I’m not especially close to, I still didn’t have any problems with wearing short-sleeves. It’s still a conscious decision, but at the moment it’s not one that’s very difficult to make.

The other thing I’m very slightly worried about is the fact that I now have a bottle of Jack Daniels in my flat. I try not to keep alcohol around the place, because I don’t really trust myself not to drink stupid amounts of it. It was a gift as part of a secret-santa thing. I mean, hey, I like JD, so it’s a good gift, but having it around isn’t what I’d classify as a good thing. Logically, the best thing to do would be to pour it down the sink, or give it to Rob, but then again, that’s just logic.


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