Yesterday was a headache

May 7, 2008 at 3:03 pm Leave a comment

Ugh. Yesterday sucked. After a night of really weird dreams, I woke up dizzy and spent the day alternating between shivering and burning up. My head felt like someone was hammering nails into it. Thinking hurt. Everything ached. I took some ibruprofen which seemed to have no effect whatsoever. My usual visual stuff (visual snow, etc.) was much worse than normal. I kept my curtains drawn all day because the sunny day outside was unbearably bright. I felt a lot better by the evening, and today I feel fine.

So anyone care to guess: Weird migraine or just a short-lived virus? I get these things occasionally.

Today I went to see my GP, who prescribed me lamotrigine (AKA Lamictal). He obviously hadn’t read my psychiatrist’s letter to him about this until the appointment. I think I may have appeared a little smug as I quoted the BNF prescribing guidelines at him. But I now have my first month of tiny little pills, which I’ll probably start tomorrow morning.

Actually, I’m going to a birthday thing at the weekend, which will probably involve lots of alcohol. I’ve had a look around the ‘net and there’s no official advice to avoid alcohol, although some sites seem to suggest that mixing lamotrigine and alcohol leads to sedation. Has anyone who’s actually taken the stuff experienced this?


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Self-righteous note about smoking

As of 12th September 2008 it has been forty five weeks since I quit smoking. So in another seven weeks it'll have been a whole year.

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