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May 14, 2008 at 8:54 pm 2 comments

Therapy today went well. Then I came home, (accidentally) broke my computer’s keyboard and went out again to get a new one from Maplins. It’s nice to have a keyboard that doesn’t have a three-year old plague factory composed of crumbs and dead skin cells slowly evolving in its inner workings. This new one – the cheap wired model from Microsoft – also has a range of semi-useless buttons at the top. You mean I can launch the calculator simply by pressing a button on my keyboard?! Wow! My verdict so far: Not clicky enough, but decent enough for a tenner.

It’s the first keyboard I’ve ever had that has a detailed safety warning filled with paranoia about musculo-skeletal diseases. Seriously. There’s even a tag on the lead that says in black lettering on a bright red background: See bottom of keyboard for HEALTH WARNING!. It also instructs me not to remove the tag. Oh, Microsoft, with this crazy liability evasion you are really spoiling us!

I played with my guitar for a while and now the tips of my first three fingers are an interesting mix between numb and bruised. Still, I can now almost play the whole of the song A Whole New World from the Disney movie Aladdin. Yes. I know. Don’t think I’m proud of it, but it was the least complicated song I could find tabs for – all single notes played slowly, which is just about my level at the moment.

While I was getting my new keyboard, I also picked up some CFL’s (that’s compact fluorescent lamp, or energy-saving lightbulb as they’re otherwise known). I’ve been living with just the one rather ambient bulb for the last few months, because the only other lights in here are a strip of spotlights, which unfortunately seems to eat bulbs. The thing was going through them at a rate of at least one per month and once the first one had gone, the second and third would die soon afterwards. They’re screw-cap bulbs, too, which makes them less easily available and more expensive than your regular bulb. It was getting expensive. So, to wrap up this dull paragraph about light bulbs, I decided to get the CFLs in the hope that they’ll actually last for a while.

Anyway, I didn’t realise just how bloody bright they’d be. I’m glad I cleaned up in here, because seeing everything in their piercing ultra-cold light is bad enough without them illuminating dust, dirt and clutter.


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  • 1. Alison  |  May 15, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    Snap, I have the same keyboard on my PC!

  • 2. actinkike  |  November 18, 2008 at 6:09 pm


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