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I’ve been doing a bit more long-term planning. It’s amazing how much easier this is when you have a budget to work from. Planning has been a bit of a weakness for me in the past and a few times yesterday I got the “oh-god-no-i-can’t-cope-with-all-this-stuff” feeling. So I reminded myself that I really don’t have to make any big decisions for ages yet and what I’m doing now is just looking at the options I have available to me.

I considered a few different options. But I think I’m going to eventually go with computing. I can transfer into the subject by taking a masters designed for people whose first degrees are not in computing. This will cost under £3,500 and I can do this over one year or two. Looking at the figures, it makes more sense to do it full time. After all, my income will remain fairly low while I’m doing the course, but should be much higher in any kind of graduate IT job. My expenses will remain reasonably constant, so it makes sense to save the full tuition and a proportion of the living expenses, then supplement this with part-time work.

The course would begin in September, so I have about a year from now. I doubt I’ll be able to save the full amount I need in that time (though you never know). Although I really, really hate the idea, it might make some kind of sense to take out a small career development loan at that time to cover the difference between my savings and the cost of the course and living expenses. The alternative would be to work for two years, which would presumably cost me more in the long term.

On the other hand, it might be nice to take an extra year, save more than necessary and do some of the stuff I haven’t been able to do over the last few years. Travel a bit. Get a new computer. Get a nice guitar. Go to a music festival or two. Just, y’know, enjoy having enough money for a while. Or I could build up a portfolio of work over the next year and get into an IT job that way, without any official qualifications. Some of the stuff I’m doing at the moment is definitely angled in that direction.

Like I say, it’s not as if I need to decide all this right now. But I feel better about the future now that I actually have some kind of plan.

The next step is going back to work. I have to look at how this is going to affect my finances first, so I might need to speak to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau who’ll know more about how earning money will affect my benefits. Then it’s just a matter of speaking to the manager’s at my old workplace and setting up a meeting where we can talk about how this is going to happen.

I don’t think I’ve ever really had a plan before. It feels kind of scary, but in a good way.


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