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September 20, 2008 at 11:56 am 3 comments

I’ve been doing things over the last 12 hours or so (with some sleep in between) that I’ve been putting off for ages. I kind of feel slightly guilty for the relentlessly positive spin this blog has had of late. After all, I originally set it up so I could have somewhere to share my misery. And in a way I feel like I’m saying “Look at me! Look how good I am!”

I guess I’m transitioning (or possible have already transitioned) from an illness blog to a recovery blog. That means wider subject matter on various things going on in my life and these kind of posts where I go on and on about the things in my life that I’ve finally got round to fixing.

So today’s things include sorting out my accumulated coinage and getting rid of my broken bike. I’ve just given it away to a nice-seeming guy called Fiaz, who seemed far more pleased with it than I ever was. I guess I could have sold it, but it was a fairly cheap bike to start with and the back wheel’s all bent out of shape, so it wouldn’t have been for much anyway and it wouldn’t have been this easy. So I advertised it on the web and someone snapped it up. I feel like I’ve done a good turn for someone else and I’ve got my 10 square feet of floor-space back. And in my small flat, 10 square feet is huge.

And last night I went through my coins. I’m blaming this on the bipolar disorder. Why? Because I can, that’s why. Bipolar disorder (at least for me) has a tendency to lead to these bizarre situations which normal people would have dealt with way before it got out of hand. Things just get neglected because you’re either too depressed to deal with them or too hyper to notice or, if you do, to spend time on dull crap like that. And the times of normality are spent trying to get the important stuff done before everything goes wrong again.

Normal people have a jar of loose change. I ended up with a pillow-case of it. I never really meant to. I’d collected it together originally so that I could sort it out and take it to the bank. Then I didn’t. And then I added to it when I’d cleared up and found a load more change around my flat or room. It’s been growing for the last three or four years. I didn’t even take it to the bank when I was completely broke, though I did get the 20p’s together at one point so I could afford my jacket potato with cheese (£1.01 every day. For two or three months. Gah.)

Anyway, last night I sorted through 2637 coins. I didn’t have coin bags, which I’ll need to take them to the bank, so I just parcelled them up in the right amounts in sheets of paper (this turned out to be rather effective, and I was quite good at it by the end). Most of the coins are 20p’s or less. I’ve totalled it up now and on the one hand I’m slightly ashamed that I let it build up to this level. On the other hand, whoo-hoo! I have £161.38, with £133 nearly ready to go into my current account. I know it’s not free cash – I worked for some of it and part of it was from benefits – but at this point it feels free. It’s a bit like finding a £5 note in an the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn for ages, but multiplied.


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  • 1. Cellar_Door  |  September 20, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    Jackpot! You have any plans to treat yourself?

    Personally, I think it’s great that you are feeling and blogging more positively – it’s nice to hear a success story, sure it gives hope to all the other people out there who are going through some shit times and wondering if it will ever get better…

  • 2. Rose  |  September 20, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Look at you! Look how good you are! 🙂

    You worked for this, and you suffered to make it this far. Enjoy.


  • 3. experimental chimp  |  September 21, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    Cellar_Door: To be honest I can’t think of anything I really want to get at the moment, so I’m probably going to be boring and save it. Something might come up, though, and if it does it’ll be nice to have the money around for it.

    Rose: Oh, I am. Thanks.

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