Melatonin / infertility / cake

November 13, 2008 at 10:41 pm 6 comments

So the melatonin is still working. If I’m up late I’ll set my alarm to wake up at a reasonable time, but I find that mostly I wake up before it goes off. I’ve been having vivid dreams this last week, which have turned into mild nightmares these last couple of days – not exactly terrifying, but I don’t think I’ve had any nightmares since I was a kid, so it’s been kind of surprising. I’d tolerate much worse dreams in exchange for proper sleep patterns. They’ll probably go away anyway.

In other news, I’ll be having a sperm test in the near future, which should sort out whether or not I’m infertile. The three blood tests pretty much confirm that I have an isolated FSH deficiency, and since the rest of my pituitary function is absolutely fine, it means that I almost certainly have one of the rare genetic mutations that can cause this. All in all, I think I’d have preferred claws that spring right out of the back of my hands (“snikt”). The ability not to impregnate women you sleep with is just about the lamest super-power ever.

I’m going back to work in just over a week, which is pretty exciting. I made the calls to inform the benefits agency and the council of my change in circumstances, which felt like a big step. I’m looking forward to it. It feels like a fresh start and a second chance.

(Also this is genius. Made mine with cinnamon rather than chocolate and wholemeal flour rather than cake flour, so it was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike cake. But it was pretty damn tasty, especially since I don’t have an oven in which to cook proper cake. )

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  • 1. ChrisAN  |  November 13, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    I just made some of that cake the other day, although I did use chocolate. It was pretty good with some chocolate syrup and ice cream, especially since I don’t want to spend the time to make a whole cake.

    I just started taking melatonin and having dreams again is almost as weird as the being tired part.

  • 2. scottgladstone  |  November 14, 2008 at 8:05 am

    On the plus side FSH is available as HRT. So if the time comes you can lose the lame super power

  • 3. experimental chimp  |  November 14, 2008 at 11:41 am

    scott: As I understand it, hormone therapies don’t generally work for isolated FSH deficiency. So it’s probably not an option.

  • 4. s  |  November 14, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    Melatonin gave me nightmares too. But you learn to live with it, it’s worth sleeping.

  • 5. auralay  |  November 15, 2008 at 1:03 am

    Gah! I love five minute cake 😀

    Glad the melatonin is working. I use an over the counter form every once in a while when I’m having a really hard time getting to sleep- works wonders.

    Hope all is well.

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